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Dear Parents: It’s tough being a toddler!

Have you ever tried to drink through a toddler’s straw cup? No matter what it is - milk, juice, water - there’s nothing refreshing about it, because most straw cups are nearly impossible to use!

That’s why we started

Bear Bottle is the best way to learn to drink. Clean and simple.

Bear Bottle’s soft belly puts all the control in your child’s hands. Squeezing the tummy pushes your child’s beverage to the tip of the straw where learning to sip is natural and instinctive. After that, moving to ordinary cups with straws is easy-peasy! That means satisfaction for your child and early graduation to kids’ cups at restaurants!

Cleaning Bear Bottle is a breeze, too. Because once they’ve mastered drinking through a straw, there are a million other things for your child to explore.


Ava & Ila

Every Bottle Helps Make A Dream Come True
With each Bear Bottle purchase, donates ten cents to Make-A-Wish. When Ava & Ila’s Uncle Derek was just two years old, he was diagnosed with a form of brain cancer called Medulloblastoma. Make-A-Wish made Derek’s dream of riding in a helicopter come true. Derek was only able to hang on until his 11th birthday, but Make-A-Wish added something unimaginably beautiful to his short life, as they have done with millions of other terminally ill children. Together, we can help Make-A-Wish make more dreams a reality.


"The best bottle, hands down, for avoiding purse-spills."

April 2013
"The best bottle, hands down, for avoiding purse-spills."
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Care Instructions
Dishwasher safe; top rack recommended.

Surprise! Lids come in an assortment of colors, chosen at random.
They’re all super - and spill-proof!

We currently ship everywhere in the US via USPS.

Wholesale, Institutional and Retail Accounts
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1 Year Warranty. Mail us your broken bottles for free replacements.Email for instructions.

Gift Wrapping
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When can I introduce Bear Bottle to my baby?
Doctors recommend giving water to your baby as soon as you introduce solids - and Bear Bottle is the perfect way to do this! When Ava and Ila were four months old, we started them on water, right at the right chair, along with their first foods.

Can I go from breast or bottle to Bear Bottle?
Yes! My kids gave up their bottle on their first birthday and were exclusively on Bear Bottle after that. Because it was introduced to them at four months old, they honestly didn't even notice I took the bottle away - not one tear!

What can I put in the Bear Bottle?
Any beverage you’d like! We use ours for milk and water, the occasional juice, and even herbal chamomile tea during teething. It will hold any beverage and extra bottles can be frozen for long trips.

Feel free to email with any other questions.
We’re always here to help.

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